Phuket, Thailand

8 days

Phuket, Thailand

8 days


  • Individual in-depth wellness assessment by an in-house consultant
  • Customised programmes and meals based on your wellness assessment
  • Private one-on-one movement therapies with specialists
  • Day 1: Arrival

    After checking in and settling in to your Villa at Amanpuri, meet with the Wellness Specialist for an in-depth consultation and assessment. You will receive a customised, seven-day, detailed programme prescribing your activities and meals based on the outcome of the assessment.

  • Day 2-7: Cleanse Programme


    Your day will begin with yoga to help focus and awaken the body. Afterward, enjoy an herbal steam to detox then nourish with your prescribed fresh juice.


    A movement therapy session, either Tai Chi or osteopathy, is scheduled for the afternoon, followed by your prescribed lunch. A digestive herbal elixir will help rejuvenate the body. After your second movement therapy session, enjoy a spa treatment of either Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage) or Connective Tissue Massage which are both designed to stimulate the body’s circulation and support immune and lymphatic functioning.


    A calming evening meditation class brings your day to a close followed by a digestive herbal elixir and light dinner or juice to complete your day.

  • Day 8: Departure

    After your morning yoga and digestive herbal elixir, reconnect with your Wellness Specialist to review the outcome of your programme. The Wellness Specialist will also advise how you can maintain your wellness even after you return home.

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