Concierge & Assistance

Trails of Indochina’s Concierge & Assistance is dedicated to providing clients with personalised solutions to last-minute requests including medical and non-medical assistance, and VIP services.

Thanks to our on-the-ground expertise and extensive network throughout Southeast Asia, we are able to respond to any type of requests, whether for exclusive access or travel emergencies.

With our 24/7 Call Centre, you can be assured that our team will respond in a timely manner. Please contact for more information or call our assistance service hotline 24/7 at +84 28 3811 4881.


Travel Assistance

  • Arrange last-minute reservations including flights, hotels, and tours
  • VIP and fast track service at all airports in Southeast Asia with red carpet service
  • Cash advance up to USD500
  • Liaise with credit card companies if cards are lost, stolen or compromised
  • Lost luggage and clothing replacement (beyond travel insurance)
  • Arrange chartered services such as a private jet, helicopter, yacht or cruise

Travel Medical Emergency

  • Arrange air and ground ambulance
  • Provision of medical escort including doctors and nurses
  • Tarmac access
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Guarantee of medical expenses
  • Consular services for lost passport and emergency visa
  • Airline liaison for emergency travel planning for client or family overseas
  • House call doctor to the hotel



Leisure & Entertainment

  • Arrange VIP or last-minute performance tickets
  • Organise any last-minute event or celebration with ‘wow’ factor such as a fashion show, a cultural village set-up and more, all customised
  • Special restaurant reservations or arrangements with chefs
  • Special food for trip (i.e. kosher or halal)
  • Theatrical tickets and Meet & Greet with actors


  • Business or legal advice in country
  • Multi-lingual interpreter
  • Arrange meeting logistics such as conference rooms and set-up

Responsive To Our Client's Needs

Our team of Travel Experts are dedicated to responding to client's needs and requests in a timely manner. With our 24/7 Customer Care Hotline, travellers can be assured that assistance is available for any last minute requests and emergency