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Our extensive network of luxury destination spas and wellness-centric resorts enables us to customise programmes to individual requirements whether tailoring a yoga retreat or personalised wellness immersion.

Our Sample Itineraries

Wellness On The Island Of The Gods

Ubud - Sanur

Discover Bali’s deep spiritual tradition on a journey to your own happiness. Mixing inner and natural retreats, you’ll have the chance to experience some of the island’s most scenic locations, beautiful temples, and historic sites, all while nurturing your inner connection with the help of knowledgeable spiritual guides and gurus.

Japanese natural bath by the river in autumn

Immerse Yourself in Japan’s Wellness Culture

Tokyo – Mt. Fuji – Hakone – Kyoto

Today, one of Asia’s leading wellness destinations, for centuries, Japan has enjoyed a rich heritage of wellness traditions – from hot springs and forest bathing to Zen meditation – which are an integral part of Japanese culture and experienced on this re-energising Japanese journey

Spiritual Myanmar

Yangon – Bagan – Inle Lake

Inspired by the ancient cultural heritage, indigenous peoples and natural beauty of this ‘hidden jewel of Southeast Asia,’ our unique wellness odyssey covers age-old healing and spiritually-inclined practices.

Amanpuri Wellness Immersion

Phuket, Thailand

Escape to a secluded luxury hideaway on the peninsula of Phuket overlooking the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea for an immersive wellness experience.

Regenerate and Replenish Retreat

Bali, Indonesia

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic surrounds of Bali, the “Island of the Gods” and the ancient town of Ubud, one of Asia’s premier destinations for wellness and holistic healing. This customised, six-day wellness programme incorporates ancient Balinese healing traditions and therapies, plus a daily regime of plant-based raw living foods, for the ultimate holistic transformative experience!



Our Tailored Experiences

  • A Spiritual Journey through Time

    Bali, Indonesia

    Bali is synonymous with spirituality and on this tour, you will visit key spiritual sites. Begin by travelling to the Pakerisan Valley to visit an 8th century World Heritage site and birthplace of the Hindu Darma religion, to uncover the historical religious roots of modern-day Bali. Visit the very first Hindu Temple in Bali with the curator of the Sukarno Museum as your guide. Departing from the jungle temple you will head to Tirtha Mengening, a very small temple located next to Holy Spring fed pools. This temple offers a cleansing purification ritual conducted by a local priest. After the ceremony you can take a cooling plunge into the adjacent river. Enjoy a locally sourced, organic lunch while gazing out over verdant paddy fields picturesque Bali coastline.

    Duration: 8hrs

  • Spiritual Bangkok

    Bangkok, Thailand

    Spend an afternoon exploring the spiritual side of Thailand, one of the world’s most devoutly Buddhist countries. At the Wat Mahathat meditation centre, meet an English-speaking monk who will teach you about Vipassana, the type of meditation practised by Gautama Buddha and used by many to achieve mindfulness and harmony. Have your fortune told the Thai traditional way by a respected fortune teller.

    Also visit several temples, including: Sri Maha Mariamman, Bangkok’s main Hindu temple with colourful shrines dedicated to Ganesh, Kartik and Sri Maha Mariamman; Wat Pathum Wanaram with its surprisingly peaceful meditation garden despite being surrounded by the city’s largest malls; and Erawan, a shrine honouring the Thai representation of Brahma, the Hindu god of creation. 

    Duration: 6.5hrs

  • Create Your Own Traditional Indonesian Herbal Medicine

    Bali, Indonesia

    This morning you will be transported to The Royal Pitamaha, where upon arrival you will swap your clothes for a sarong and sash and partake in a two-part purification ceremony –– one at the hotel’s main temple and the other at a holy spring. Afterwards, walk to the Royal Kirana Spa and Wellness Centre for a 60-minute massage and enjoy a delicious, organic lunch overlooking the verdant gardens.

    Feeling relaxed and at peace, partake in Djamoe making class. Djamone is a mixture of traditional herbs and spices that can be consumed orally or placed topically on the body and is said to have healing properties. This ancient medicine has been used for curing sicknesses to inspiring love.

    Duration: 8hrs

  • Experience Traditional Myanmar Medicine and Massage

    Yangon, Myanmar

    Myanmar traditional medicine dates back to the 9th century Pagan era and even a thousand years later, it is still preferred by many for its accessibility, low cost and treatment of the body as a whole. Spend a fascinating half day learning about a few different approaches to Myanmar traditional medicine, influenced by both Buddhist philosophy as well as Ayurvedic Hinduism.

    Drive to Yangon’s Kon Zay Dan Street and browse through a market stocked with herbs, plants and even sea shells, all of which have medicinal value. Visit a clinic which uses traditional therapies such as gold ash powder mixed with local herbs or holistic diagnostic and healing methods based on Ayurvedic concepts. Finish with an invigourating deep tissue massage performed by blind therapists with a heightened sense of touch.

    Duration: 4-8hrs

  • Yoga Along the River

    Luang Prabang, Laos

    Backed by mist-shrouded mountains, the picture-perfect banks of the river makes a serene spot to practice yoga. Especially in the late afternoon hours, with cooling river breezes and the sun’s dying golden rays cast across the water. In this secluded and tranquil riverbank section, participate in a private yoga session led by an experienced yoga teacher – either expatriate or Laotian. You will be instructed in a variety of yoga disciplines, with the teacher adapting the class to suit anyone from novices to yogis! Whatever your yoga level, this is a truly uplifting spiritual experience amid Lao’s nature.

    Duration: 1-1.5hrs

  • The Spiritual Traditions of Luang Prabang

    Luang Prabang, Laos

    Yoga and Buddhism share many similarities, including a common spiritual culture originating in India. Yoga prepares the body to be still, with postures and poses focused on creating a peaceful inner environment. Similarly, Buddhism promotes meditation as a way of being present and cultivating awareness.

    Spend the morning experiencing how these two traditions overlap. Cross the Mekong River and climb some 60 steps to the temple of Wat Kok Phap where a certified meditation teacher will shed light on the connection between Buddhism and Lao meditation. Enjoy some quiet time to practise either close to the temple or in a secluded forest setting. Also meet some of the temple monks and present them with an offering of food, monk’s robes or a cash donation, depending on what is needed at the time of your visit.

    Duration: 3.5hrs

  • Meditation and Yoga at Angkor

    Siem Reap, Cambodia

    The largest religious monument in the world, Angkor still retains a spiritual allure between its jungle-clad ruins, enigmatic towers and majestic temples. Start or finish your day practising yoga and meditation on the most sacred mountain in the complex in this exclusive experience.

    Meet a certified yogi at Phnom Bakheng, a 10th century temple with five tiers and seven levels. The temple is representative of Mount Meru, home of the Hindu gods, while its seven levels represent the seven Hindu heavens. Interact with some of the monks who live within the complex, then make your way to a private pagoda for a guided yoga and meditation session. Finish with a blessing ceremony with the opportunity to give back to the monks.

    Duration: 2hrs

  • Yoga and Meditation at Hanoi’s West Lake

    Hanoi, Vietnam

    Meditation is an important Zen practice to many Vietnamese Buddhists. Even for the non-religious, meditation allows one to let go of tension and stress, freeing the body to begin its natural healing process. Visit a Buddhist temple, situated on the tranquil banks of the Red River, where you will spend an energising two hours practising mindful breathing and gentle postures under the guidance of your experienced yoga and meditation instructor. This quiet, secluded setting is the ideal location to cultivate both mind and body.

    Duration: 2hrs

  • Practice Tai Chi with a Master

    Hanoi, Vietnam

    Based on the philosophy of Taoism, Tai Chi resides somewhere at the intersection of physical exercise and meditation. Originating more than a thousand years ago as a form of combat training, the slow, even movements of Tai Chi aim to improve concentration and balance while achieving a harmony between mind and body. Hanoi’s early morning hours, before the controlled chaos of the city sets in, are ideal for practising this gentle form of martial arts. In the peaceful garden surrounds near the Opera House, meet with a local Tai Chi Master who has been practising this oriental exercise and philosophy for almost 10 years. Breathe in the early morning air, listen to the birds sing and move your body under the guidance of the Master in a series of movements that blend gentleness with strength.

    Duration: 30min – 1hr