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Trails of Indochina has been the leading expert in tailor-made travel to Southeast Asia since 1999. Our professionally curated journeys reflect our depth of experience and creativity. Our extensive insight into the region allows us to deliver an exceptional, authentic experience that connects travellers to the local people for a deeper understanding of the culture and history.

Exclusive Tailored Experiences

Trails of Indochina is proud to share our signature Tailored Experiences offering exclusive access to unique cultural experiences and special interests. They range from half-day to full-day programmes and can be incorporated into any customised itinerary for a more meaningful and enriching travel experience.

  • Behind the Scenes of Saigon’s Contemporary Art (Exclusive)

    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Much more than made-for-tourists lacquerware and kitschy reproduction paintings, Saigon’s true art scene reveals much about the country’s complicated past and its vibrant future. Spend an insightful half day in the company of artists and scholars for an overview into Vietnamese art, both traditional and contemporary. Explore the Fine Arts Museum, housed in a stunning 1929 colonial-era building, accompanied by a contemporary visual artist and scholar. Listen as she points out highlights of the extensive collection mixing traditional Vietnamese techniques with the plastic arts and compares Vietnam’s dynamic art scene with the more established one of her native Europe. Meet two acclaimed local artists who work with mixed media to learn how they draw inspiration from modern-day Vietnam. Also visit Saigon Salon, a private museum in a beautifully restored heritage building, which showcases contemporary Vietnamese art while nurturing local talent.

    Duration: 4-5hrs

  • Cooking Class at Ambassador’s Former Residence

    Ho Chi Minh City

    Vietnamese cuisine is unique in Southeast Asia for its many influences, including the Chinese who ruled parts of Vietnam for a thousand years and the French who occupied Vietnam close to a century. Participate in an engaging half-day cooking class highlighting the bold, fresh flavours of southern Vietnamese cuisine at the exclusive former residence of US Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. Begin with a trip to Ben Thanh, Saigon’s iconic market. Its central location and volume of shoppers means it has some of the city’s freshest ingredients. At the villa, learn more about this historic home with a tour and a short video, and enjoy a private, hands-on cooking demonstration, with tips on presentation and chopstick usage before savouring your culinary creation.

    Duration: 3hrs

  • Exploring Saigon’s Hidden Eateries and Cafes by Vespa (Exclusive)

    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Ho Chi Minh City has 8 million residents and just as many motorbikes. Do as the locals do and hop on a vintage Vespa, zipping across Saigon’s urban districts in search of local, authentic eateries known mostly to the just most food-conscious of the city’s residents. Try Vietnamese versions of French-inspired flavours including freshly baked baguettes and a cup of “ca-phe phin” or rich, drip coffee, served in a vintage coffee shop. Taste how the Vietnamese treat fresh seafood in an out-of-the-way restaurant. Explore a mid 20th century apartment complex which transforms into hundreds of food and drink stalls in the evening. Finish the night with a Vietnamese dessert at a 50-year-old sweet shop, followed by a glass of local beer or a cocktail at a cosy Saigon bar tucked down a quiet alley.

    Duration: 3.5hrs

  • Cruise the River of Kings with a Thai Historian

    Bangkok, Thailand

    Stretching almost 400km from central Thailand down to the Gulf of Thailand, the mighty Chao Phraya River commands a place in Bangkok’s sprawling landscape. Board a lovingly restored rice barge on a luxury evening cruise along the River of Kings.

    Sail past beguiling temples and modern skyscrapers, with chic boutiques standing side by side with 100-year-old shops selling congee and roast duck. Best of all, you will be accompanied by a Thai historian who will breathe life into the story of how the Chao Phraya has helped shape the City of Angels, along with its role in the development of Thai heritage, culture and economics. Enjoy a feast of Royal Thai cuisine, backed against a hypnotic parade of ferries, barges and steamboats gliding by in the magical evening hours.

    Duration: 3.5hrs

  • Living Legacy of Jim Thompson’s Weavers

    Bangkok, Thailand

    The mysterious disappearance of Jim Thompson in 1967 continues to captivate the imagination of many. While much is known about the American businessman who helped revitalise the Thai silk industry in the 1950s on the way to becoming a global silk brand today, very few know about the other half of his legacy.

    Upon discovering a community of skilled weavers of Cham descent living across the canal from his Bangkok home, Jim Thompson decided to build his company right next to the community and hired the weavers to produce his prized silk. Visit the last of his original weavers who still produce silk and listen to their fascinating childhood stories of when they watched Jim Thompson cross over to their homes every morning to visit his weavers and their families.

    Duration: 6hrs

  • Real-Life Stories from a Pol Pot Survivor

    Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Casual visitors to Cambodia may not readily see signs of the tragedy brought on by the Pol Pot Regime more than 40 years ago, but underneath Cambodia’s friendly veneer, the wounds still run deep. Gain a personal perspective of this tragic event by spending some time with a local family who lived through those tumultuous years. Meet a former soldier who was in his 20s when Pol Pot came to power. Learn about his life before the Khmer Rouge, working with the French to restore the Angkorian temples, and hear stories from his time as a soldier fighting against the regime. Over tea and local sweets with his family, listen as he recounts his strikingly real personal narrative filled with incredible highs and devastating lows, marked by adversity, survival and hope.

    Duration: 2hrs

  • Conversations with a Local Artist

    Yangon, Myanmar

    Recent democratic reforms in Myanmar have spurred the growth of its contemporary art scene, particularly in Yangon where private galleries represent a diverse range of artists experimenting with different subjects and art forms.

    Visit the home gallery of a Yangon resident artist, considered one of Myanmar’s masters of watercolour paintings, well-known for depicting Buddhist monastic life and the detailed temple architecture of Bagan. View his latest paintings in progress and listen as the soft-spoken artist shares stories of his humble beginnings and how the country’s fascinating political events as well as his own personal experiences have influenced his work. Afterwards, the artist will accompany you to visit a couple of his favorite art galleries.

    Duration: 2-3hrs

  • Visiting a Village School with the Tuk-Tuk Library

    Luang Prabang, Laos

    The literacy rate of Laos falls short of most of its Southeast Asian neighbours at just over 70% and is often even lower in rural areas where children must walk long distances to reach the nearest school. Other factors that add to the problem include poor-quality classrooms, limited teacher training and a dearth of appropriate reading materials.

    To help combat the issue, the Luang Prabang Public Library, in tandem with Cooperative Learning International, aims to bring books into the hands of children through its Lao Children’s Library Boats and Tuk-Tuk Library. Join the mobile library for an inspiring morning of visiting a village school with books, games and learning activities. See how hygiene is promoted through songs, stories and drama and help distribute a health bag containing soap, a toothbrush and other personal items or a learning bag with exercise books and pencils to the children.

    Duration: 4-5hrs

Meaningful Experiences with Local Connections

Trails of Indochina’s handcrafted itineraries take guests on a journey to the heart of the destination, connecting travellers with the local people and culture.

Featured Itineraries

Explore some of our exciting handcrafted sample itineraries for ideas and inspiration for your customised journey to Southeast Asia.

Guided by local experts, experience prolific natural wonders, historic sites and cultural experiences on our extensive ‘cross border’ odyssey through old Indochina – Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia – and some of their enchanting destinations.

Guided by local experts, experience prolific natural wonders, historic sites and cultural experiences on our extensive ‘cross border’ odyssey through old Indochina – Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia – and some of their enchanting destinations.

Guided by local experts, experience prolific natural wonders, historic sites and cultural experiences on our extensive ‘cross border’ odyssey through old Indochina – Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia – and some of their enchanting destinations.

Golden Wats along the Irrawaddy River

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