Regenerate and Replenish Retreat

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic surrounds of Bali, the “Island of the Gods” and the ancient town of Ubud, one of Asia’s premier destinations for wellness and holistic healing. This customised, six-day wellness programme incorporates ancient Balinese healing traditions and therapies, plus a daily regime of plant-based raw living foods, for the ultimate holistic transformative experience!

Bali, Indonesia

6 days

Bali, Indonesia

6 days


  • Undergo a personalised wellbeing and lifestyle consultation and assessment
  • Participate in a private meditation session administered by a Balinese spiritual healer
  • Experience ancient Balinese Hindu traditions, including a water blessing ritual and fire ceremony
  • Take a guided tour of “Seven Temples and Meditation Sites,” highly significant in Balinese religious culture
  • Learn wellbeing practices and tools to take home for positive lifestyle changes
  • Day 1: Personal Wellbeing Consultation and Assessment

    Arrive in Ubud, nestled in Bali’s central highlands and at Fivelements, an internationally-acclaimed, holistic healing and wellness retreat. Deeply rooted in ancient Balinese traditions and eco-conscious principals, this peaceful, five-star sanctuary is built on sacred grounds beside a river, surrounded by tropical rainforest. In preparation for your wellness retreat, first complete a lifestyle and wellbeing assessment form and meet with Fivelement’s wellness consultant. After an in-depth discussion, the wellness consultant will create a tailor-made programme specific to your needs, for the duration of the retreat. Before retiring for the day, participate in a mindfulness session to help focus your awareness on the present, as you commence your journey of self-discovery.

  • Day 2: A Day of Yoga, Massage and Meditation

    Start the day early with a gentle Yin Yoga session, helping guide you towards understanding and appreciation of the mind, body and soul. In the afternoon, experience a Sandi Prana Massage administered by a local Balinese healer. He will identify specific areas that require attention and focus on massaging reflex points to help improve circulation, resulting in a natural detoxification process. Conclude your healing day with a meditation session hosted by a Balinese spiritual healer, who will share useful tools for creating greater peace, harmony and happiness in your daily life.

  • Day 3: Healing Through Expressive Arts, Prana Therapy and a Fire Ceremony

    Explore your inner creativity and true self with Expressive Arts, a combination of DansKinetics, drama, storytelling and visual arts – transformative movement that encourages people to let go and follow free expression. These “Sacred Arts” sessions are not only a fun therapeutic process, but also vital in unblocking unhealthy habits and old, repetitive patterns. Re-connect with your inherent spirit and unleash a creative energy and joyful passion from within. Later, experience traditional Balinese Prana Healing. This age-old healing therapy commences with a cleansing bath ritual featuring native salts, betel nut leaves and golden flowers. Continue with chanting Sanskrit mantras over an open fire offering, accompanied by the vibrational sounds of a singing bowl. As the local healer transmits positive energy flows, you will experience a profound sense of inner peace.

  • Day 4: Explore the “Seven Temples to Enlightenment”

    This exclusive full-day tour takes us through “Seven Temples and Meditation Sites”, that trace the creation of Bali’s unique Hindu Darma religion and which have played a significant role in the development of present-day Balinese culture. These rest amongst a collection of ancient temples and archaeological sites in World Heritage-listed, Pakerisan River Valley. Start with a brief introductory lecture at the private residence of Bapak Anong Ishmail, a foremost  authority on these seven Temples and Meditation Sites – rarely seen by tourists – followed by a private guided tour led by Bapak and his team of expert guides. Highlights include a 10th century meditation site, where a Hindu priest will conduct a traditional blessing ceremony. We also visit an imposing temple, where in the 12th century, leaders of the Buddhist, Hindu Shiva and ancestral religious orders agreed to create one religion for all – Hindu Darma, or Balinese Hindu – which still prevails on the island.

  • Day 5: Experience a Balinese Water Blessing Ritual

    Meet again with your wellness consultant to discuss your personal healing journey, besides what practices and regimes you can continue back home. Conclude your wellness journey with a traditional Water Blessing Ritual (“Melukat”). Bali is often referred to as the island of “Holy Water” due to the countless number of sacred springs located here. Holy water is also the key element in Balinese Hindu purification, or blessing ceremonies. As part of their Hindu beliefs, the Balinese regularly participate in water blessing rituals and believe that they positively assist in purifying the bodies on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

  • Day 6: Departure

    Transfer to Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport for your onward departure.

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