Toraja odyssey: Unveiling the hidden culture

Discover the hidden cultural and historical gems of Toraja, home to the indigenous Torajan people in southern Sulawesi, Indonesia. Immerse yourself in the unique Torajan lifestyle amidst picturesque surroundings.


  • Explore the rich culture and history of Toraja through Tau Tau statues and the ancient tombs nestled amidst rocky landscapes.
  • Pause at Puncak Lakawan for a breathtaking vista, offering a moment of scenic serenity.
  • Visit the local villages, interact with the local and amidst unique stone menhir and picturesque rice terraces.
  • Day 1: Makassar - Toraja | Arrival

    Upon your arrival at Hasanuddin Airport in Makassar, our team will welcome you for a scenic drive to Toraja. This 8-9 hour journey passes through traditional Buginese villages, offering unique photo opportunities. Enjoy a stop for lunch at a local restaurant in Pare-Pare (not included) and a refreshing pause at Puncak Lakawan to soak in stunning views. The day ends with your arrival in Rantepao, where you will settle in for an overnight stay at the hotel, ready for the adventures ahead.

  • Day 2: Toraja | Discover Lemo, Nonongan, Londa, Karuaya, Kete Kesu

    Begin your day in Tana Toraja with a visit to Lemo to view the Tau Tau statues—wood or bamboo effigies originating from the 19th century—and hanging graves. Continue exploring Nonongan’s unique baby trees and the ancient cliffside tombs of Londa. Have lunch in Rantepao, enjoy scenic views, and discover traditional Tongkonan houses and intricately carved rice barns. Conclude your cultural journey with a relaxing overnight stay at your hotel.

  • Day 3: Toraja | Explore Pallawa, Weaving Center, Batu Tumonga, Soft Trekking, Bori

    Today, embark on a captivating journey through two Torajan villages, Pallawa & Sa’dan To’baranna, known for their exquisite weaving techniques. Relish the breathtaking views of megalith stones nestled among expansive rice fields at Tinimbayo. Delve into the unique burial traditions at Lokomata, renowned for its distinctive cave. After savoring lunch against the backdrop of picturesque rice fields (not included), take a leisurely trek in Batutumonga to immerse yourself in the authentic Torajan lifestyle. Your day concludes at Bori village, where the ancient stone menhirs will leave you awe-inspired.

  • Day 4: Toraja – Makassar – Airport

    After breakfast, return to Makassar. Lunch at Pare-Pare (not included) before heading to Hasanuddin Airport for onward travel.

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