Action And Adventure In Laos

Embark on an action-packed journey in southern Laos, hiking, ziplining, and boating through its varied and beautiful landscapes. A week of adventure awaits, uncovering great natural wonders, stunning temples, and cosy wilderness retreats.

Pakse - Champassak - 4,000 Islands - Ban Khiet Ngong

7 days

Pakse - Champassak - 4,000 Islands - Ban Khiet Ngong

7 days


  • Hike through a scenic coffee plantation in a forested valley and spend the night amid the sounds of the forest in a tree house.
  • Zipline through the forest at breakneck speeds, including along a massive 400m line offering stunning views.
  • Visit the ancient ruins of Wat Phou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is one of the oldest places of worship in Southeast Asia.
  • Hop between islands on the Mekong and visit stunning waterfalls at Liphi and Khonphapeng.
  • Relax at the Kingfisher Ecolodge in Xe Pian National Park, a special and protected natural environment.
  • Hike up Phou Asa mountain before bookending your adventure with a romantic candlelit dinner.
  • Day 1: Pakse | Waterfalls, Ziplines & Tree Houses

    We arrive at the village of Ban Nongluang from Pakse. After receiving safety instructions from our local guides, we commence our hike through coffee plantations and vegetable gardens, gradually making our way into the wild semi-evergreen forest. Along the trail, the guides provide insights into the plants traditionally used in the village kitchen and for herbal medicine. The adventure begins with a heart-pounding canopy walkway that crosses a steep river valley. You’ll find yourself fully immersed in nature as you traverse some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Bolaven Plateau, ultimately reaching the majestic ‘Kamet’ waterfall. This is where the zip-lines start, and the real thrill takes over!

    Following the exhilarating activities, we pause for a lunch break in the midst of the wilderness, with an opportunity for a refreshing swim, before embarking on the extraordinary zip-lines circuit that allows us to connect with nature in an unparalleled way. Soar above the valley of the majestic waterfalls, experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime feeling! After a day filled with adventure, we settle in for the night. Amidst the backdrop of a delicious local food and barbecue dinner, we retire to our own treehouse, positioned almost 10 meters above the ground and accessible only by a zip-line. Enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, surrounded by the soothing sounds of forest crickets.

  • Day 2: Pakse - Champassak | Zipline & Via Ferrata Over The Valley

    We wake up to the melodic sounds of countless birds within the dense canopy surrounding us. A delectable breakfast prepares us for an easy 30-minute trek through the lush forest, leading us to the first cable.

    Prepare for thrilling flights through the jungle, including the longest zip-line at 400 meters, which is a true highlight. Its speed, the sensation of infinity, and the proximity to the typically concealed upper stratum of the forest provide an amazing and unforgettable experience. Following the zip-line adventure, we leisurely trek uphill, passing through a forest section dominated by gigantic trees. The trail suddenly concludes at a steep rock wall that presents our next challenge! Enjoy a brief but exhilarating via ferrata experience to reach the mountain’s summit.

    Once atop one of the highest peaks in the region, an open plateau rewards us with breath-taking views of three waterfalls and vistas extending deep into neighbouring Thailand along the Mekong River. We’ll savour our lunch here before embarking on an easy 1.5-hour hike back to Ban Nongluang, where a car awaits to transport us to Champassak.

    What to Expect: Be prepared for two full days of challenging jungle adventures. The first day primarily involves hiking and ziplining. This experience is physically demanding, and participants should have a reasonable level of fitness. The weight limit for our zip-lines is 120 kg.

  • Day 3: Champassak - Don Khone Island | Natural and Cultural Heritage of Champassak

    Here’s a corrected version of the text:

    We begin our day early with a visit to the ancient UNESCO World Heritage Site of Wat Phou. We’ll spend some time exploring this captivating historical site before returning to our guesthouse for breakfast. Following breakfast, we drive to a small village, where we will commence our short hike through Xe Pian National Park. After a brief hike, we’ll enjoy lunch at a local restaurant before taking a short transfer to another small village. Here, we board our boat for the journey to Don Khone Island. En route, observe local fishermen at work and witness the sunset, all before arriving at our hotel just in time for dinner.

    Approximately: 3.5 hours transfer, 45 minutes walking, 1.5 hour boat ride

  • Day 4: Don Khone Island | 4,000 Islands Treasures

    After breakfast, we embark on a leisurely bicycle ride to the old bridge constructed by French colonists. Continuing our journey, we pedal along the former French railway line to the stunning Liphi Waterfall. Following this, we return for lunch at a charming riverside restaurant where we savour delicious cuisine while watching the river flow by. In the mid-afternoon, we set off on a cycling excursion to Don Det, taking in the sights of island life along the way. From Don Det, we board a boat to explore various islands like Donxom, Don Dompadee, where we get a glimpse of how the local people are living in the 4,000 Islands region. We then return by boat during sunset, arriving back at our hotel on Don Khone.

    Approximately: 4-5 hours cycling, 1 hour walking, 1.5 hour boat ride

  • Day 5: Don Khone - Ban Khiet Ngong | Khonphapheng Waterfall

    After breakfast, we embark on a brief boat ride to reach a waiting minivan. Following the boat ride, we take a short drive to Khonphapheng Waterfall, which happens to be the widest waterfall in Southeast Asia! Here, we enjoy our lunch while taking in the gorgeous views. After our meal, we drive to Kingfisher Ecolodge in Ban Khiet Ngong, the sole forest lodge within Xe Pian National Park. Kingfisher Ecolodge offers guests a comfortable and intimate experience surrounded by the beauty of nature in a unique setting that connects to the Beung Kiat Ngong Wetlands and the Xe Pian Natural Protected Area.

    Approximately 3 hours driving, 3-4 Hours sightseeing, 30 minutes

  • Day 6: Ban Khiet Ngong | One Day Forest Trek - Sala Candlelight Dinner

    Our full-day trek will take you deep into the tropical forest that envelops the surrounding area of this renowned archaeological site. On the way back, you will also visit Phou Asa. Our knowledgeable local guides will lead the way, providing insights into the flora and, if we’re fortunate, the fauna encountered along the journey. The trek commences from Kingfisher Ecolodge at approximately 08:30 and concludes at the same location at around 15:30.

    Tonight, you’ll dine in style at Kingfisher Ecolodge in your own exclusive private candlelit Sala. As the light wanes, candles and torches will illuminate your path, allowing you to unwind to the sounds of nature in the serene Kiet Ngong protected wetland area, with the striking Bolaven Plateau serving as the backdrop for the evening. You’ll be presented with a pre-selected menu featuring local delicacies, accompanied by free-flowing house wine and beer. You’re welcome to linger in this romantic setting for as long as you like before making your way back to your room at your own pace, where a delightful surprise will await you.

  • Day 7: Ban Khiet Ngong - Pakse | Departure

    Free at leisure until transfer to the airport for your onward flights.

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