Vietnamese fishing boats on a tropical Con Dao Island, View from the pier in the direction of a beach with white sand

Con Dao Island

A retreat on an unspoilt tropical island

Con Dao, a secluded chain of islands located off the southeastern coast, is possibly Vietnam’s best-kept secret. The archipelago is comprised of 16 islands and islets, of which Con Son is the largest and main attraction. The island has stunning jungle vegetation, deserted tropical beaches, unique sea life, and the possibility to experience a castaway lifestyle only 80km/50mi from the mainland of Vietnam.


  • Untouched paradise surrounded by a protected national park
  • Pristine beaches without the crowds
  • Ample activities for outdoor enthusiasts including hiking through the national park, snorkelling, and island hopping
Within Easy Reach Of...
Ho Chi Minh City 45min flight
Travel Tips
  • Learn about the local history by visiting the French and American prisons and the memorial of the Vietnamese female martyr, Vo Thi Sau
  • Hike through Con Dao National Park and see historical landmarks and indigenous wildlife before reaching the viewpoint for a spectacular panorama of the main town and the sea
  • Visit between June and September to witness the sea turtle hatching on Bay Canh Island

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