Wat Maha That at the Shukhothai Historical Park, Thailand


The Sukhothai Kingdom is considered the Golden Age of Thai civilisation

Situated in north-central Thailand, Sukhothai was founded in the 13th century and became the first Thai Kingdom. The city flourished during the 13th to 14th century, establishing Sukhothai as a powerful kingdom rivalling that of Angkor.

The remains of the old kingdom, featuring close to 193 historical sites, are enclosed within a 70 square kilometre UNESCO World Heritage Historical Park. The historical park is divided into several different zones, interspersed with trees and ponds, and can be leisurely explored by foot or bicycle.


  • The Sukhothai Historical Park is a pleasant site surrounded by greenery, ancient trees, and lotus ponds
  • Discover how much of the current Thai culture originated from the era of the Sukhothai Kingdom
Within Easy Reach Of...
Sukhothai Airport is a small airport servicing domestic flights. The airport is located 40km/25mi from the city.
Bangkok 1hr 20min flight
Chiang Mai 4hr 15min drive
Phuket 5hr flight
Travel Tips
  • Use a bicycle as a quicker way to travel through the wide expanse of the Sukhothai Historical Park
  • Visit in November during the full moon to observe the popular Loy Krathong Festival
  • To gain insight into Sukhothai’s ceramics, visit the Sangkhalok Museum

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