Woman plays the flute in traditional clothing at the famous Udo Jingū Shrine


An intoxicating metropolis where ultra-modern and traditional effortlessly merge

Located southeast on Japan’s main island, Honshu, Tokyo has served as the Japanese capital and seat of the emperor since 1869. Formerly known as Edo, this mesmerising metropolis has been Japan’s political centre for a total of four centuries. Today, Tokyo is a vibrant global hub, ranked as one of the world economy’s three ‘command centres’ and with a population of around 38m residents, the Greater Tokyo Area is the planet’s most populated metropolitan region.  

First-time visitors to this fast-paced, intoxicating megacity should prepare themselves for a uniquely energising and enthralling experience like nowhere else. With its non-stop action, iconic sights, neon-lit crowded streets and futuristic high-rises – including city landmark, Tokyo Sky Tree, the world’s tallest tower – Tokyo is an amazing assault on all senses in the best possible way.

Obsessed with the latest trends and cutting-edge innovations, this mercurial metropolis however is simultaneously proud of its heritage and ancient cultures, with a passion for preservation that is evident in ancient strolling gardens, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Ultra-modern Tokyo is also imbued with a deep sense of tradition and history. Tranquil backstreets reveal a glimpse of old Japan, with low-slung wooden buildings illuminated by glowing lanterns and mini-shrines wreathed in incense. Past, present and future seamlessly collide together in a metropolis like no other on the planet. For visitors, Tokyo promises to be a fun, fascinating and compelling destination, welcomed every step by ever-friendly and helpful locals and like the home-grown sushi the city is famed for, you simply can’t get enough.


  • One of the world’s most well-organised, cleanest and safest cities, Tokyo boasts a super-efficient, easily accessible subway system extending to all main attractions
  • Each of the city’s distinct neighbourhoods, many interconnected and walkable, reveal their own unique character and key points of interest
  • Tokyo brims with unlimited options of world-class things to see and do, including traditional performing arts, culture, shopping, dining and nightlife
  • Amid dense urban sprawl, plenty of tranquil green spaces extend to exquisite gardens, parks, forests and outlying islands off the Tokyo coastline
  • A gastronomic wonderland and birthplace of sushi, delicious culinary delights range from the world’s biggest tally of Michelin-starred restaurants to casual Izakaya eateries
Within Easy Reach Of...
Osaka 1hr 10min by Flight
Sapporo 1hr 30min by Flight
Kyoto 2hr 30min by Shinkansen (Bullet Train)
Travel Tips
  • Join an exclusive guided tour of the majestic Inner Palace Grounds at the Imperial Palace, official residence of the revered Japanese Imperial family
  • Step back in time at Tokyo’s most famous spiritual sites, Sensoji, a 7th century- founded Buddhist temple complex and Meiji, an ancient Shinto shrine set in a forest
  • Shop in vibrant Shibuya district, then walk across Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo’s iconic ‘Times Square’ landmark and world’s largest and busiest pedestrian crossing
  • Take-in some Japanese cultural icons, with a sumo tournament in Ryōgoku, birthplace of sumo wrestling and the Kabuki theatrical art form at historic Kabukiza Theatre
  • Explore Tokyo’s unique neighbourhood sub-cultures, in tech haven Akihabara famed for its ‘Otaku’ geek lifestyle and trendy Harajuku, for youth cosplay and ‘Kawaii’ trends

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