Sunny day view of a pink beach with turquoise sea and tourist boat on the Island of Flores, Indonesia

Flores & Komodo Islands

Spectacular raw beauty and exotic wildlife

Flores, meaning ‘flower’ in Portuguese, lies in the Nusa Tenggara Island group, between the Komodo and Rinca islands.  Portuguese traders and missionaries colonised the island in the 16th century which explains the predominance of Roman Catholicism.

The island’s topography of volcanic mountains surrounded by terraced rice paddies along with unspoilt beaches overlooking the deep turquoise sea makes it an ideal secluded getaway. The port town of Labuanbajo is the main tourist centre and the transit hub to reach Komodo National Park and nearby offshore diving sites.


  • Spectacular raw landscape of volcanic mountains and pink-sand beaches
  • Komodo National Park, home to the indigenous Komodo dragons
  • Stunning coral reefs and colourful sea life make the area ideal for diving
Within Easy Reach Of...
Komodo Airport is located near the port town of Labuan Bajo on Flores island.
Bali 1hr 15min
Jakarta 2hrs 35min
Yogyakarta 3hrs 55min (via Denpasar)
Travel Tips
  • Drive on the 670km/416mi Trans-Flores Highway which traverses the entire length of the island and take in spectacular views of the coast and remote villages
  • Explore Flores and the islands within the Komodo National Park on a private luxury sailboat

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