Meet the Team

Head Office Management Team

The Trails of Indochina team is comprised of professionals from different parts of the world with unique backgrounds and expertise. Together we share a common passion for travel and enthusiasm to create customised travel journeys that are authentic and memorable.

  • Rob Rankin

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Karen Salamanca

    Director of Sales & Marketing, Spanish Speaking Market

  • Jim Selkin

    Director of Creative and Marketing

  • Peter Lawrence

    Director of Sales & Business Development

  • Marie-Anne Palces

    Regional Product Manager

  • Hien Phu

    Wholesale Manager

  • Khoa Trinh

    Direct Sales Manager

  • Olivier Garessus

    Sales Marketing & Business Development Manager (French & German Markets)

Operations Team

  • Miguel Mendez

    General Manager, Thailand

  • Richard Casswell

    General Manager, Cambodia

  • Michael Roehrig

    General Manager, Laos

  • Su Mon Oo

    General Manager, Myanmar

  • Tam Ho

    Vietnam Operations Manager

  • Ha Ta

    Hanoi Office Manager

  • Long Tran

    Hue Office Manager

International Sales Team

  • Vinh Lam

    Inside Sales Support Executive

  • Susan V Quadros

    Inside Sales Support Executive

  • Patrick Macleod

    Director of Business Development & Advisor

  • Victoria Churchill

    Director of Sales and Business Development in North America

  • Laura Cambiaghi

    Director of Sales and Business Development, France

  • Ian Anderson

    Director of Sales, Marketing & Business Development, UK / Scandinavia

  • Antje Rudhart

    Sales & Business Development Representative German Speaking Market

  • Jochen Reinhold

    Sales & Business Development Representative German Speaking Market

  • Savio Pereira

    Sales and Marketing Representative

  • Amruta Sakhare

    Sales and Marketing Representative

  • Roy Fonseca

    Sales and Marketing Representative

  • Gabriela Silva

    Sales and Marketing Representative, Mexico

  • Cristina Akemi

    Sales and Marketing Representative, Chile

Committed to Service Excellence

The Trails of Indochina team is a global family of individuals from diversified backgrounds and expertise – each contributing a unique insight with the common goal of service excellence.