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Tailored Experiences

What better way to enhance your travel experience than to engage with local experts in the fine arts, history, culture, cuisine and more? Here is a selection of some of our special activities.

inside trails

Inside Trails

  • Outdoor Water Puppet Performance

    Outdoor Water Puppet Performance

    Originated in the 10th century, water puppetry is a unique folk art that cannot be found anywhere in the world but Vietnam. Although water puppetry has gone on for over 300 years in Dao Thuc village, it really made a comeback several years ago by one particular artisan. At the village, learn how he and his family introduce this traditional art to the world, and enjoy a real performance right at the home of water puppetry. Finish the trip by enjoying a private outdoor show on the village pond accompanied by live, traditional orchestra music.


expert trails

Expert Trails

  • Cocktail Reception with Performance Artist

    Cocktail Reception with Performance Artist

    Hanoi is known as the culture center of the country. Little wonder then that there are more than 250 art galleries in this small city and almost every street has an art cafe. Venture out of town to visit the studio–home of a well–known Vietnamese painter, sculptor and art performer. Enjoy a cocktail reception to view his exhibition and stroll around the lush garden full of sculpture scattered around the compound.


gourmet trails

Gourmet Trails

  • Hoi An Street Food Tour With Culinary Expert

    Hoi An Street Food Tour With Culinary Expert

    Meet with a local foodie for a visit to a local market in Hoi An to enjoy the tantalizing sights, smells and flavors of local produce. Then walk through zigzagging alleys to savor real street food as the local people do. Gather at a local restaurant and meet with the culinary expert, Neville Dean, chat with him to understand his passion for food and experience the local culture through the eyes of an expatriate. Taste some more traditional central dishes and learn more about this fascinating region.


Access trails

Access Trails

  • Home-Hosted Dinner at Former US Ambassador’s Residence

    Home-Hosted Dinner at Former US Ambassador’s Residence

    Follow our trail through an alley dotted with colonial era mansions until you reach a gate, behind of which an enchanting home awaits. The US Ambassador to South Vietnam in the 1960s, Henry Cabot Lodge, lived in this stylish residence and today it has been restored to its former glory. Enjoy a cocktail reception complete with traditional dance performances in the intimate courtyard. A sophisticated Vietnamese meal will be served in the magnificent dining room and is accompanied by live music to create a memorable atmosphere.


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