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Tailored Experiences

What better way to enhance your travel experience than to engage with local experts in the fine arts, history, culture, cuisine and more? Here is a selection of some of our special activities.

inside trails

Inside Trails

  • The Monastries of Salay

    The Monastries of Salay

    The colorful religious center of Salay is located in Central Myanmar, about 2 hours south of Bagan. Salay is home to many ancient monuments and colonial buildings that are decorated with beautiful wood carvings. Visit the famed Yoke-Sone-Kyaung monastery which was built in 1882 and today enjoys cultural heritage protection. Continue further to the ancient Buddha image of the Yadanabon 19th century period before transfer back to Bagan


  • A morning in the life of the locals

    A morning in the life of the locals

    Start your day like a local in Yangon. Wake up early for tai-chi with a local practitioner, then head to the Shwedagon Pagoda and join the locals at the tea shop for Myanmar’s most famous breakfast, the Monthinkhar. Then join the Yangonese in another important daily ritual – making offering to the temple. After, continue on with your day.


  • Multicultural evening walking tour in Yangon

    Multicultural evening walking tour in Yangon

    Myanmar is centre between two of the largest population centres in the world, China and India, and still enjoys a long history of trade with these old civilizations. Our behind-the-scenes walking tour shows you Yangon today and focuses on the diversity of ethnicities that make up this multicultural Mecca. Walk from Bombay to Bangladesh, and all the way to Shanghai - all in one city!


expert trails

Expert Trails



    Enjoy a special private talk with Dr. Maung Nyunt, Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations who graduated in 1960 from the London School of Economics. Since his graduation, he has held various high-level positions in academic institutions such as General Director of both History and Archaeology departments and General Member of the Myanmar Historical Commission.
    Dr. Maung Nyunt received coveted awards for his work on Myanmar History and Culture and has published several books. His talk will take guests on a journey from prehistoric ages, providing them with geographical knowledge and historical background.


  • Cultural Painting Talk Show

    Cultural Painting Talk Show

    Meet local artist & filmmaker Soe Moe at his home for a presentation and discussion about Burmese art. Soe Moe is well-known for his paintings which depict the life of people and different ethnic minorities around Myanmar. Soe Moe is an Impressionist artist who paints with water colors on canvas. Impressionism is a style of painting that began in France around 1870 and uses spots of color to show the effects of different kinds of light, and that attempts to capture the feeling of a scene rather than specific details. Soe Moe’s work has been exhibited in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Portugal, Switzerland, India, China, the UK, Luxembourg, The Republic of Korea and the Netherlands.


gourmet trails

Gourmet Trails

  • Exotic Boat Lunch on Inle Lake

    Exotic Boat Lunch on Inle Lake

    After cruising around the picturesque nature of Inle lake, stop at a tranquil location along the shore for lunch while enjoying the view of mountain surroundings and rice paddies.


  • Private Cruise with Dinner

    Private Cruise with Dinner

    Yangon boasts a wonderfully different perspective when viewed from the Yangon river. Set out for a private cruise in late afternoon to take in the view while enjoying a delicious Burmese dinner.


  • Private Cooking Class with Chef

    Private Cooking Class with Chef

    Burmese cuisine is a medley of Asia with influences from Thailand, India and China. Today head Kandawgyi Palace Hotel for a private hands-on cooking class with the chef. He’ll explain the various kinds of tropical ingredients and their usefulness in Burmese cuisine. Then, enjoy what you have prepared for lunch.


buidling trails

Building Trails

  • Novitiation Ceremony in Bagan

    Novitiation Ceremony in Bagan

    While in Bagan – the land of temples – witness the spiritual Novitiation Ceremony where a boy becomes a monk. This is an important rite-of-passage in Buddhism and our visit to the temple will include a donation of necessary supplies for the new monk.


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