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Landlocked Laos is Southeast Asia’s least developed and least known country – and therein lies its appeal. The pace of life here is extremely laid back and has changed little for centuries, which makes it arguably the region’s most captivating destination.

Laos has stylish, elegant cities such as Vientiane and Luang Prabang, which combine French colonial architecture, stunning Buddhist temples and a sleepy atmosphere far removed from other Asian cities, to create an intoxicating mix for the visitor. The countryside is no less fascinating, with the mysterious Plain of Jars and the unusual Mekong River islands all contributing to Laos’ unique ambiance.

Add the warmth, kindness and amiably vague timekeeping of the Lao people, and you have an unapologetically old-fashioned travel experience. Make sure you book a return ticket on one of our Laos travel packages, because travelers often find it almost impossible to say goodbye.

Tailored Experiences

  • Baci Ceremony

    Baci Ceremony

    Baci ceremonies are an integral part of Lao culture. Held to celebrate a special event, it is based on an ancient belief that the human being is a union of organs and the soul watches over each of them. The Baci ceremony calls the soul from wherever it may be roaming back to the body and...

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  • 20th UNESCO Anniversary Walking Tour

    20th UNESCO Anniversary Walking Tour

    In celebration of the 20th UNESCO Anniversary in December 2015, a book was published that highlights myriad aspects of this unique and charming World Heritage Site. The walking tour we propose you to take, which is based on the book, has been put together by connoisseurs of Luang Prabang,...

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  • Sunset Cruise on the Amantaka Cruise

    Sunset Cruise on the Amantaka Cruise

    Depart from Luang Prabang town in the late afternoon on the luxurious Amantaka Boat for a cruise up and down stream. The Mekong River plays an intrinsic role in everyday life for those living along its shores. From the boat, observe the local villages and rural life along the tree-lined...

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