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Separated from the rest of the world by the sea, the Himalayas and the desert, China developed mostly apart from the rest of the western world, resulting in a fantastic, unique and interesting culture. China boasts one of the oldest continuous civilizations of any culture or country in the world and side by side with this millenniums-old civilization are some of the most modern metropolises one can find. Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong – these are the familiar cities. More unique discoveries await in Chongqing (gateway to the Yangtze River, and the world’s most populated metropolitan area), Xi’an (home of the terracotta army) and Guilin, where the geography has been inspiration for thousands of Chinese painters through the years. From fried rice to green tea and Peking duck to Dim Sum, China is as varied as its cuisine and sure to delight.

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    Dumplings are a mainstay of Chinese food, especially in northern China. What better way to appreciate the cuisine than to learn how to make it yourself. Head to a local dumpling house today and meet a professional chef who will demonstrate the steps: how to roll the cough, mix the...

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  • Enjoy Traditional Chinese Music

    Enjoy Traditional Chinese Music

    Guzheng, aka the Chinese plucked zither, is one of the most typical instruments in traditional Chinese music. Meet an expert today in her music room and learn the first basic techniques of this superb instrument which is said to evoke the senses like no other....

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  • Beijing Shopping Experience Tour

    Beijing Shopping Experience Tour

    Beijing is world renowned for shopping and we’ll show you the best places. Start at the pearl market, a bargain-hunters’ paradise with scores of vendors hawking just about everything from children’s toys to designer clothes. Next visit the Xiu Shui Market, one of the biggest...

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